This is the story behind the title Vapor Kisses. Written in poem form. It could just as easily have  been a novel. Ok well maybe not that easily. I have discovered that I often have a great idea for a novel but then it gets tedious and chuck the book idea and wrap it all up in a poem. Patience is not a strong point of mine. And writing a novel, for me, takes a lot of patience. Anyway, back to what I started with. The poem behind the title…


Sit within my darkened dream,
fill my soul with copper light,
Share with me the breath I breathe,
I fear a dreamless night
Your vapor kisses grace my skin
The way a lovers would
Breathing in your essence,
Before me there you stood.
A Phantom of my memory
A moment yet eternal
And as you stood there silently,
A fire still infernal,
Relinquish now the bonds you hold
Walk through the misty clouds,
And sing to me the sweetest song
My love it has no bounds.


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