I followed you to Heaven today,
As the sunshine blinked goodbye
I couldn’t wait to see you again
Our souls forever tied.
So Dancing and laughing
I made my way,
Sadly only to find,
That it was not my time to stay
Again I was left behind.
The Lord He said
My time hadn’t come,
I still had more to give,
I didn’t want to
leave you there.
I didn’t want to live.
With broken heart,
I looked inside
And saw your shining light
Your Soul in perfect peace
An angel in the night.
I realized then
what I gift to me,
That the Lord had brought me here 
Safe inside his loving arms,
There’s nothing left to fear.
And so I found tranquility,
And a spirit full of love,
forgiving and reliving
A gift from God above.



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