Growing up I changed schools several times. I was always the new kid. I hated it. I still hate being the “new kid” in any situation. This blog is one of those situations. I am new and feeling my way around WordPress as though I were in a snowstorm. It was the same when I first started trying to navigate Facebook. What should I say? What shouldn’t I say? Will anyone like my posts? Should I be funny, witty, serious, poetic? Finally I decided on going with whatever made me comfortable and was true to the person I am. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about keeping up a fake persona or changing to meet the desires of my followers. If they chose to hang around it would be because they liked what they saw. Being New means I’m learning, gaining experience and wisdom. That’s ok with me. So if you’ve decided to check out this journey with me, I welcome you, thank you and am always open to advice, tips and whatever thoughts you would like to share.



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