She lies in a tangle of blankets,
breathing in the scent of sadness.
The sounds of desperation within the dark
Leak pain into her soul.
Burdened by the years of standing tall,
crushed by the loneliness.
She believed the strength inside
Would carry her beyond the emptiness.
Yet into the darkness the light of her soul creeps,
Moving endlessly, recklessly.
Predawn light brings her no peace,
Feeling instead the fear of facing another day.
Sighs and cries and moans of despair
Leave her lost and broken.
Dreams abandoned, choices made, time past.
She feels the regret,
That familiar ache that brings the weight of anger.
And there she weeps for all she missed
and all that could have been.
As darkness makes its way once more
She smells the scent of sadness…


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