A Baby’s breath, a baby’s giggle,
A tiny outstretched hand, 
A little sigh, close your eyes, 
I am your biggest fan. 
Somewhere in the midnight air, 
I hear a baby coo
And wonder how 
my heart can hold 
All this love for you. 
And as you grow I watch in awe, 
At all the things you do
And pray upon God’s true love, 
That He will still hold you. 
For in the days that follow, 
there will be times you need his hand
Lord please guide my baby, 
Be her footprints in the sand. 
And in those times when darkness blinds, 
Please give her eyes to see, 
The path she needs to follow, 
The one that sets her free. 
My wish for you, my baby girl
Is that you grow up proud and strong, 
And leave behind a legacy, 
Of Love to carry on. 



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